Book Donation Drive

BOOK is the most powerful weapon in today's date, to be more precise it's EDUCATION and Books that are the primary and more reliable source than anything. Privileged and Underprivileged exists because of the difference in the level of education that they posses. If you share the light of knowledge, it will last for a longer time with the person and will contribute to that person's growth in every aspect of his life. 

Here we, AABHA ~ The Light Within, are trying to put the efforts in the same direction. Through our BOOK DONATION DRIVE.

We are trying to help the unprivileged people so we can give them the light of knowledge to get a better life and environment for themselves and for their loved ones as well! As they say, sharing a piece of knowledge with one person is not restricted to just one person. Educate one, he will educate ten more. Our Society has witnessed many Intellectual Asset In Human Form who have reached several heights in their life with the help of donated books. When we talk about Books it's not just about the academics-based ones but fiction, non-fiction, and many more have been proved really helpful in the development of one or more skills like imagining skills, learning skills, etc. in everyone's life. Aabha ~ The Light Within is trying it's best in its capacity to empower the unprivileged people in terms of Education and Knowledge via books.
Here we urge you all ~
Be the one who understands the power that Book Holds and Let everyone know!
"Today A Reader, Tomorrow A Leader" ~ Margaret Fuller