Aabha is a social service platform which aims to bring about positive changes in society by encouraging others to become better individuals in their life. Aabha means light and aura; an aura of concern, compassion and positivity which brings light thus consuming the darkness of despair and helplessness. In this dark world, where many people lack basic amenities and are living below a basic standard of living, it acts as a ray of hope, optimism, trust, faith and assurance. Aabha aims to empower and fulfill the desires of the underprivileged and oppressed by making efficient and skilled use of resources, promoting social inclusion and uplifting their status in society. Our social workers, bifurcated into departments such as IT, content writing, outreach and art are equipped with skills of communication, tenacity, creativity and social perceptiveness. We set short term, attainable, immediate but meaningful goals to attain the best possible results.

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